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What is ONEm Platform

ONEm has created a global multi-service Platform that provides innovative services using core connectivity as SMS and Voice. We provide first of a kind interactive services and user generated content on the mobile. It’s not about replacing or even competing with the internet, it’s all about taking what already exists and putting it to a better use. ONEm allows people to communicate in a completely new way through simple interaction with an intelligent platform that works on their behalf behind the scenes to connect, find, process and present communications, content and services across all types of networks and to any type of mobile device. Whether accessed through SMS or a web browser, the ONEm Platform manages user's identities and profile, delivers intelligent content and allows users to collaborate and interact in an unconventional way.

Mission and vision

We are building a Mobile Ecosystem first of a kind with interactive services, that will transform the way people communicate and get access to information on any mobile, including the 3 billion people who have no access to internet, who have no way to share nor create their own content. We aim to provide access to information and to make our services available to everyone.