How it works

ONEm's goal is to have a service that is easy and intuitive to use. It is important for users to have a seamless experience when accessing the ONEm platform.

Different functionalities and content types are grouped in applications, also called micro apps, accessible through the Platform, similar to websites via internet. Each micro app is defined by a unique name, similar to a web-address, and follows a general structure, allowing users to easily interact with the platform via text messages.

Similar to a website, the application will have a landing page and will provide a navigation structure using menus, selectable outlines, paging mechanism and the possibility to capture user input.

To access a certain app, users will use # before its name, eg #my_application.

To allow us to create an ecosystem, the users will be automatically registered when sending their first message to the platform. Their profile will be created and based on setup they will be able to access the available applications. Obviously, an opt out mechanism is in place.