Menus and forms

The example in the previous section is the landing page of #onem application, also considered the main menu. The first message presents user with the main options that can be accessed and offers a navigation possibility.

As you probably figured out, the user can access account information, chat with friends, see available services or follow a tutorial on how to use ONEm features. Each available option has a letter attached to it to facilitate user response. As hinted in the footer, the user can send one of the letters to access the corresponding menu item.

This is the menu concept. Each option is displayed on a new line and has associated an action to it that will result in another message displayed to the user.

Another important topic to talk about regards capturing user input. Any webpage or web application will present users with a form to complete and submit.

This is rather difficult in the SMS version of ONEm applications, but getting help from wizards, forms are completed step by step, each form field translates in a new message asking user for a free response or choose from a list of options.

When all information is gathered, the user can review and submit the form through a supplementary confirmation step. No worries, we dedicated an entire section to forms and how you can create one insert link here